Liscio Basics

Utilizing Liscio:

Liscio is a tool that we are transitioning to in place of the Allman Johnson portal and email. Email is becoming less and less secure and the portal has proven to be a little difficult for many of our clients, so we’re making the switch to Liscio, which is more secure and user-friendly. Liscio can be used from your desktop computer or from the LiscioPro app on your phone.

You will be using Liscio for one of two purposes; uploading a file and/or tax documents and messaging staff. Instead of using two forms of communication (portal and email) you can use one platform to do both while doing it securely.

1. To upload a file or message an employee, go to the top left-hand section of your Navigation Panel to the “Add New” tab and select either option.

Liscio Add New

*If you are using the mobile app, the navigation panel is slightly different. There isn’t a “Add New” section on the mobile app. You can simply select from the navigation panel “upload a file” or “new message”.

       2. Messaging Staff

          Step 1: Click +Message.

          Step 2: Click “To” Field; enter recipient and account.

          Step 3: Enter subject line and description.

          Step 4: Drag and drop files or click browse.

          Step 5: Click Send.

Liscio Step #2

3. Uploading A File 

Step 1: Click the +Upload File button.

Step 2: Select an account that this file is for (If you don’t have a business, account will be under your name).

Step 3: Select the year for the file. (If it relates to 2017 tax year, select 2017).

Step 4: Add an associated tag (this feature is for future search references).

Step 5: Drag and Drop or browse the file you wish to upload.

Step 6: Click Upload.

Liscio Step #3

Tip #1: Any files that have been uploaded by you or a staff member will be located in your FILES section on the navigation panel. This will include organizer, tax returns etc.

Tip #2: If you forget your password while logging into your account, please click on “Forget Password” and then “Send Magic Link”. This will prompt Liscio to send you a link to your email. You will not need to change your password.

As you can see, Liscio is simple to use. However, we understand it takes a little time to get used to new websites and technology. If you ever need assistance, please contact Kristin or Melinda at the Allman Johnson office.

Kristin-; 317-843-1040 ext. 114

Melinda-; 317-843-1040 ext. 101

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